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​TopStream Group is an integrated development team mainly focusing on industrial property and Townhouse development. We identify the fast growth in industrial demand and the pressing need for family living space in Metro Vancouver and dedicate to provide to top products for small business owners and small families. We balance the acquisition and development with strategic joint-venture for landowners who foresee the potential opportunity of their unique property. 


At Topstream, we do things a bit differently. Other than determine the project characteristics in house, we value the market demand and present what the market needs. We strategically proceed the project with the goal of reaching the best possible outcome for not only the stakeholders but also our community. 

At today's world, where uncertainties hold people's track, we maximize the certainties through detailed steps through collaborative solution finding and creative operative methodology. Great result will follow.



With years of experience in development industry, our team realized the importance of in-house architect and construction. We have established our own design and construction team to provide services for own projects. They are all composed of experienced professionals that deliver high quality projects. These two teams provide us with the  unparalleled advantage compared with other developers over the speed and efficiency of the project.

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