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Industrial stratified development is also where we put our major focus at. Due to its flexible zoning requirement, small business could perfectly utilized the stratified units for different type of use including warehouse, showroom, and office. This type of in-demand industrial strata is filled by smart density and provides unparalleled opportunities to own your business in Metro Vancouver's major industrial center. 

As the pandemic restrictions had come to end, need of industry buildings has boomed up while supply has been absorbed quickly. The vacancy rate of Industrial Unit in Vancouver reached the lower level in these ten years.


Our passion drives us continue to redefine the limits of industrial and office property, providing small and medium-sized business owners with an opportunity to invest and grow with the city.

Our teams dedicate to provide the small and medium-sized business owners with a unique space for multi-purpose. We hope our buyers can enjoy the flexibility of the spaces. 

Our goals is to let the small and medium-sized business owners can have their own space for their business. Our industrial space is not only for warehouse, but also fit to buyers requirements.

Industrial Storage
Warehouse Reference 2.jpg

Feature Industrial Project

St George Warehouse

Vancouver, BC. Coming Soon

​The property is located in the South Vancouver Industrial area. with the intent of delivering over 12,500 square feet of office and industrial space for the neighborhood. The property will renovated to office and industrial mixed use purpose. The location of the warehouse is highly accessible. With around 5 min drive from Marine-Drive Skytrain Station, which is suitable for people to work.

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