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Who We Are

​​Topstream is a Vancouver-based real estate development company, specializes in building industrial, and multi-family residential properties.


For our projects, we have a design and construction team that creates development-design-build structures. With our design-build structure, we are able to provide the best outcome for our community and projects.

Our Services


From land acquisition to project completion, our development team handles every development process. Topstream continues to construct high-quality homes, offering our customers the best possible outcomes.


We have our own teams for design and construction, which makes a project much easier. By overlapping the design and construction phases, our designer and builder collaborate to reduce the delivery schedule

Development Management

On your projects, our development management team ensures the highest levels of quality, safety, and productivity. From obtaining a permit to completing a project, Topstream will assist you in managing the work.


Residential Development

We've noticed that Vancouver doesn't have enough room for small families to live. As a consequence of this, Topstream places its primary emphasis on the construction of townhouses, attempting to design and construct appealing housing that meets the requirements of small families while also coming up with viable solutions to ongoing issues with the supply of housing.

Commercial Development

Recently, the requirement of industrial space keep increasing, especially after the pandemic, the vacancy rate of Industrial Unit in Vancouver reached the lowest level in this decade,

Topstream dedicate to redefine the limits of industrial space and willing to bring an unique space to small and medium size business in Vancouver.

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Development is a multi-stage process . It covers from land acquisitions to product marketing. There are information barriers in both industry and knowledge,


We understand the difficult that comes with trying to accumulate and break through these knowledge bottlenecks. We strive to make the process as smooth as possible for you.

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