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Family house


As the increasing of the popularity in Vancouver, the home supply is becoming one of the biggest challenges in our community, especially townhouse supply for small family that are seeking a new home.

In Nov 2022, around 10,000 listings on the market, but only 1,500 listings were townhomes. With the increasing number of small families in Vancouver, the demands of townhouse also increased.


Topstream is noticing the housing crisis for the small family. We are focusing on townhouse development and building these families a place to call home.



In Topstreams, We are committed to developing viable solutions to ongoing housing supply challenges and work diligently to design and build attractive housing that enhances the lives and well-being of residents, and improves the communities in which they live.

Moreover, Also, we are continually redefining what’s possible in our buildings. We work closely with our architecture and engineering teams to look for ways to seamlessly incorporate innovative functional features and make every inch count for the residents.

Green Ivy from the Roof


To make conscious practise for the betterment of the planet, Topstream is also committed to build for tomorrow of the communities in which we live and work. Sustainability best practices are embedded across the organization. Our approach is based on in-depth research, industry best practices, materiality to the business and stakeholders, and expert external guidance.

We keep every potential improvements to energy efficiency into each project, such as upgrading the doors, windows, and vents, installing LED lighting, and upgrading the insulation. Also, We are incorporating features that also contribute to sustainability into our design, such as mass timber, off-site modular construction, and green roofs. Our goal is not only helps build with less greenhouse gas emissions, but it also proudly to build a sustainable community to our future generation.

Feature Residential


Vancouver, BC.

A mixed-use six storeys building that located in one of the historical community in Vancouver - Marpole. This collection of 50 units building is located on W 66th Street and Osler Street

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