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Development is a multi-stage process, It includes land acquisition , permit application, construction and marketing. In a project, many possible issues pop-out in different stages.


Our Development-Design-Build structure covers the acquisitions phase to the construction phase. When issues come out, our team can find the solution immediately. This structure helps us minimize the risk during development.

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Our integrated development team gives us an unbeatable advantage in developing our Development-Design-Build structure.  By combining design team and construction team, we are able to overlapping the design and construction phases, our designer and builder collaborate to reduce the delivery schedule. This structure helps us to maximize a project stability.

Have a Project in Mind?

We know that consistency is key to certainty. We take our responsibility seriously and in the most challenging conditions, we help our clients maximize their return-on-investment. 

We are glad to assist you for your project. If you have a project in mind but do not know how to start, we are happy to share our experience with you and be your work partner.

Urban Building

What Can We Do for You

As design builder, we own the risk for both design and construction of your project, based on prescribed Project-Specific Output Specifications. Design-Build Structure is highly collaborative as the full project team comes together early in design. Combined expertise drives value to design and construction outcomes, effectively mitigating the risk of scope and cost escalation. As the result, the projects can deliver under better budget, higher stability and shorter turnaround time.

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